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"Technology is a vehicle we can use to build each other up... My mission is to curate the right tools for businesses to overcome their most overwhelming challenges"

Ehi Aimiuwu

I Manage and Teach Business Tech to Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Analyst, Consultant, and founder of Geek Empowered, Hello Test Plan & Code Burnout. Ehi jumped headfirst into the tech space in April of 2013 by joining an internship in a training program called i.c.stars.

After graduating from the program she worked for a top software consultancy specializing in agile development as a Quality Analyst. While working with different clients from various industries she was able to grow her skills in analyzing a variety of software, curating resources, and building talent for prioritizing the best value out of the features for the end-user.

Dedicated the last 9 years to learning various tools for Content Development

Now, Ehi serves others by curating everything she has learned over the years and continues to learn to help others.

In her videos and content she teaches everything from social media tools to use for your business, to new frameworks and platforms to build applications and websites on.

While working full-time, many people were curious about Ehi's path into the tech space. People believed that it wouldn't be an easy space to get into, or you needed a connection or years of experience. Ehi started to speak at different events and conferences to talk about her journey as a technologist.

This led her to start her own business, Geek Empowered, a consultancy that helps other individuals learn more about different tech tools for freelance work or their small businesses.

She started with content creation. Vlogged and blogged about her experiences, while still working as a consultant, and learning about different CMS platforms that help businesses create, edit and manage content.