• Ehi Aimiuwu

10 ways to utilize your website to get more engagement for your business.

Dead websites breaks our hearts. Once you go live you should have a plan in action on how you will consistently bring an audience to your website. Here are some tips on how you can make that happen.

1. Asking people to signup for your newsletter. Building your list of contacts is the best place to start to have a direct line of communication between you and your audience.

2. Write articles on related topics in your industries “How do I” or “how-to’s” are one of the top google searches that brings up articles, blog posts and with the right SEO your blog posts can show up in the results too. Make sure you’re using the right keywords in your header and the right alt text for your images for that post.

3. Create “Exclusive” content. Use social media to give snippets of your work. Let it become a funnel to drive viewers from social media to your website. You can also collect an email before they can watch the rest of your content. YouTube is great for holding video content but it also is a distraction. While viewers are watching your content, YouTube’s algorithms are showing different content that’s in queue on auto play. Once your video is done the audience will be automatically taken to something completely different. Driving them to your website with just your content gives the opportunity for viewers to focus on what you’re giving them.

4. Use your website as the expert resource hub for the problem you solve in your business There’s a strategy that individuals use on social media and its to establish yourself as an expert in your field. So when people think of a topic, they immediately go to you. You can do the same with your website. Because you may not be available 24/7 but your website is. Take the most commonly asked questions, record video, audio or just write blog posts answering those top commonly asked questions. And share, share, share!

5. Your messaging. Every business, every brand has a story. Your audience needs to know what your business does and the problem it solves, and that should be clear across all your outlets (website, Facebook, LinkedIn, your email tagline) When engaging with customers they should have a clear understanding of what your business provides as a service or the products it sells.

6. Treat your website like a product. Especially for membership sites, if your website is solving a problem for its members. Then you should be promoting the problem your website solves and why they should join your membership. Think of the alternatives to how other people solve the problem you solve and the weaknesses of using those other solutions.

7. Mobile. Mobile. Mobile If your website is not mobile friendly then you are missing out big time. People are quick to leave a website that’s poorly designed. Also for the platform you’re using to build your site test how your themes work in mobile, especially video 8. Make shareable content. Outside of videos and blog posts people love sharing quotes, Graphics, and Badges. This is good for non profits or mission driven companies. Create “statement graphics” that has a message that people will want to share. For example “Empowerment starts with the people” 9. Design your website for your audience. Not for what you like. If your audience wants to book an appointment with you. Create an easy way for them to do it. If they want to buy your products showcase your products. Don’t know if you have it right. Do a test running or purchasing an item or scheduling a service. Start from the beginning, ask yourself questions you would ask when you’re spending your money with someone else. Have someone else go through your website.

10. Highlight and thank your customers Show your visitors how happy you’ve made your clients. You can do this with testimonials. Photos. Reviews. If you’re a service based business do customer appreciation days and feature their work. More than likely your customers will share this content and in return would be promoting your links from your website which brings back more traffic and eyes on your website.

For more tips on how to best utilize your website. Feel free to schedule a consultation.


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