• Ehi Aimiuwu

20 things you can do in a 90min session with Geek Empowered

  1. Connect the domain you’ve been holding on to, to an actual website.

  2. Pick the right platform to build your website on that works for you.

  3. Add a new page to your website

  4. Update your plugins because let’s get real it’s time to update them.

  5. Get a live audit and see if there’s anything you missed and you absolutely need.

  6. Remove plugins because it’s seriously killing your site and slowing it down.

  7. Add plugins that will help give your site more functionality.

  8. Create a MailChimp account so people can sign up for your newsletter

  9. Add SEO tools to a website, so when people search for your business you actually show up.

  10. Update your logo.

  11. Update the list of services you offer your clients.

  12. Update your pricing.

  13. Update your about page

  14. Change your photos.

  15. Learn how to update your website. (comes with a customized how-to video)

  16. Add YouTube videos to your website

  17. Get your listeners to hear your podcast series straight from your site.

  18. Add Google analytics

  19. Add embedded advertising links

  20. Add a contact form to your website so people can actually contact you.

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