• Ehi Aimiuwu

5 things you can do right now to increase your SEO on your website

You deserve to be seen whether you have been is business for 10 years or you’re just starting out. SEO is an easier way to get eyes on your business without having to post all the time on social media, or creating free things to drive traffic to your site. You should still do those things though. SEO will just boost it up.

So….here’s the list. 5 things you can literally do right now to boost SEO.

1. Add your business to Google My Business. Google my business helps you better control how you appear on google. You can adding everything from your description and services hours to your actual products and services. It’s a really helpful tool to use.

2. Add video to your homepage. Video is listed higher in the search results than any link. Especially how to videos. Use platforms like YouTube or Vimeo to use your keywords in the title, description and tags.

3. Figure out your keywords, make them more specific. Think of keywords as common search terms that your customers search for to find you. For Geek Empowered, “website designer”, “web designer”. What works better for SEO when it comes keywords are Long Tail Keywords. “Customer template WordPress website designer”, “building a bootstrap website”, “front-end ux designer”

4. Create more consistent content to share from your website (blog posts). Blog posts are great because they help you long term. While people are searching for services or a product they may come across a tutorial or a how to article before they come across your actual website link.

5. Add your business to other social media platforms. Think Directories. When you google a business, you may see their website first but you will also see their social media profiles, facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Social media has a strong presence in search results.

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