• Ehi Aimiuwu

6 Reasons for Why You Cant do Video

Facebook Live launched, Snapchat is still a thing and Instagram obliterated them with Instagram Stories, YouTube is still up and running as the Grandfather of it all.


We all know this information already because according to the numbers a lot of us spend a lot of time watching them.

We watch them to be entertained. To be educated. To be emotionally connected to another person. We support so many people and their endeavors and you may not have even noticed.

Video. Statistics. Insights. Data. Analytics. All of it is essential to a brand, to a business, and it can’t be ignored.

Video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.*


More video content is uploaded in 30 days than all three major U.S. T.V. networks combined have created in 30 years.

According to Nielsen Wire, 36% of online consumers trust video ads

92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others, according to Invodo.

After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online, according to ComScore


Well, I can give you 12 reasons why people avoid video and how you can demolish those blockers and let your light shine. This is for those who want to do video but is delaying the process for themselves.

1. I don’t have the right camera. You have a phone, if the content is good, you can worry about quality later. For Facebook live, waaaaaaay too many factors have to be right for your video to come clear when your clients see it. Your phone needs megapixels, more than 8, on your front facing camera, most cheaper phones have 3 or 5. You also need to have excellent wifi for no interruptions. Also, the person viewing it needs great wifi. So no matter what you do something, somewhere is going to cause an issue. I have done plenty of “testing this thing out” videos, it did no harm and you can always delete.

2. I don’t have the right lighting. If there is a window with sunlight we can make this work.

3. I don’t have the right editing software. There are hacks there’s the google photos assistant. (Demo Coming Soon)

4. I don’t have time. Post mini clips. Video’s that are less than 5 mins

5. The videos aren’t perfect. Practice.

6. There’s screaming in the background. 60 to 70% of my videos have a baby screaming or a child yelling in the background. I used to hate it, I always had to re-record and start over. About 4 months ago, I did a video with Alexis and I kept the camera on and Alexis was ready for the camera. I reviewed the video for editing and I found gold! Alexis was literally repeating the same thing I was saying but she was purely and authentically her and it was so hilarious! Since then I sometimes just let the chaos take over.

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