• Ehi Aimiuwu

Challenge your safe content and step out of the box

This past Monday we kicked off a few things, one our 100daysofvalue series and also our weekly content challenge.

What is our weekly content challenge?

We launched this new series of challenges to encourage more people to be creative and push themselves to showcase their services and products to their clients.

What is this weeks challenge?

This weeks challenge is creating a 60 second video, that includes:

– the name of your business

– your customer

– the problem they are facing

– how you solve that problem.

– how people can hire you

Video is difficult for a lot of people but there are ways to make it easier.

– you can use photos and graphics instead of recording yourself in front of the camera, even though it’s much easier to just get in front of the camera.

– you can get someone else, like your actual customers to speak for you.

– you can hire someone else to make the video for you.

But the goal is to make this as easy as possible for you to do, so you can keep doing it.

What do you do after you record and edit the video:

Upload it to vimeo or youtube

Embed it to the homepage of your website, or the about page

Why are we doing this:

1. to give you more content to share across different platforms

2. Increase your impressions and views on your actual website.

Let’s get started, if you need tools to help you record and edit, here are a few of my recommendations:




Here’s my video:

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