• Ehi Aimiuwu

Going virtual for the first time. . . watch out for these three things.

  1. Plan ahead of time, figure out the software you're using, the camera set up and most important AUDIO. Bad audio can ruin the best branding.

  2. Decide ahead of time the timing, the invites and when people "arrive" to your virtual event, how do you want them to arrive. Waiting room or no waiting room, cameras on or off, mics muted or not muted. The virtual experience is still an experience. Treat your virtual events with as much care as your in person events.

  3. Remove as many distractions as you can ahead of time. Find a room for yourself where you can focus. . . . . . . With this one please note that if you cannot remove distractions from where you are, DONT SWEAT IT, it's a pandemic, we all get it.

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