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How to get the most out of Clubhouse

Clubhouse post.

So if you don’t know what clubhouse, it is the new trending app that everybody is downloading to network with other like-minded individuals.

Clubhouse is an audio based social media platform. Where you are able to talkWhere you are able to talk live with other speakers you can either create your own room and talk about a specific topic with other speakers and have others to ms join in to Listen or listen or contribute to the conversation. Or you can joinOr you can join other rooms and participate as a speaker or an audience member.

In the beginning, like most new things, Clubhouse was a little controversial on social media feeds because first you cannot just join clubhouse you have to be invited into it seems like you have to have an iOS system to download the clubhouse app.

When I first heard about clubhouse at first I didn't want to join because I thought that the app was purposely being exclusive to keep people out.

As I continue to learn more about it, I learned that clubhouse was being exclusive because they wanted to test their software so I joined clubhouse two days ago and when I joined I got an invite about five minutes after signing up. What I didn’t know is once you sign up for clubhouse clubhouse gives a notification to your contacts who are already on the app and they can choose to invite you into the app and the person who invites you into the app you are forever tied to that person so if somebody messes up In the app. The person who invited them in will also have consequences .

My first 24 hours in the app felt decent, I was able to join a lot of conversations that were extremely helpful to me, participate in a lot of good conversations and and get the action items I need in my businesses.

So as the newbie that I am, I recommend the following if you are a newbie in the clubhouse app:

  1. Learn the rules. I accidentally joined a few rooms and immediately got concerned about whether or not I was muted in the room, so I kept going in and out of rooms and what I didn’t know was that when I join a room I am immediately a part of the audience and not a speaker. Duh. There’s also other rules like you have to abide by and geared towards how you conduct yourself in these rooms.

  2. Follow the people you know, this will give you a sense of what talks to go to and what talks not to go to. I am an entrepreneur in techie by heart so I am going to find all the rooms that talk about start ups funding and technology. There were a few rooms that raise some eyebrows especially rooms around black women and portraying them in a negative light. I was given a warning ahead of time about these types of rooms I just didn’t expect to see them so early on. I would just stay clear of those rooms to stay on the safe side.

  3. Don’t be afraid to talk in a room. Don’t be afraid to tell your story if you feel comfortable enough to tell it. Because this app is so new and there’s SO many people in this app, there are no barriers between you and the people (celebrities, Venture Capitalists, self made millionaires) you can get good information from. Also a lot of people are offering free advice on this platform so take advantage of that free advice. I will say you have to be careful with the fake people there are a lot of people who are using this platform as an opportunity to portray themselves as something that they are not. Aka the "I can turn your business into a multimillion dollar business". Treat this just like you would on Facebook. Do the research first.

  4. The final piece that I would like to talk about is to create your own room. Don’t be afraid to create a room in your own even if you think no one is going to come if you have a good enough title people will come whether they know you or not and if they don’t come the great thing about clubhouse as you can in that room and start a new one with a different title. Test it out and see what you like.

So there’s our 2 cents on clubhouse. Feel free to follow me there on @geekempowered.

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