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How to Network in Facebook groups

This is a collection of things I witnessed, experienced and learned while navigating through groups on Facebook. This is what worked for me personally, feel free to adjust to your needs


“Tired of getting paid nothing at work, for $99 you can be a business owner running your own thing! And making your own money! And selling high-quality products, That we give you!”

Stop it. Don’t do it. Once you join these groups, even if you’re part of an MLM, be genuine. Be transparent, don’t sneak your way into a sale. Here are some other examples of post that are pretty much horrible. ====>

I personally no longer join MLM companies and here more articles that talk about why entrepreneurs don’t do MLMs

Second, Understand the Group You’re in and its Purpose

There are promotion groups, coaching groups, blogging groups, networking groups, knowledge sharing groups and more. Most groups that I have run into, the main purpose was to share their business, that’s it. So most of the time when I am in that group, I share my link to my site, I scroll down 5 or 6 posts to see if there’s anything interesting and move on to the next thing. After a while I realized, if I am just posting a link and moving on, how many other people are doing the same thing. If this is the case for you, even if it doesn’t create a new plan for what type of groups to join.

  • Set goals for joining these groups

  • Learning more about digital content and marketing

  • Finding out who needs the services that you provide

  • Weed out the bad groups from the good ones

  • If you don’t see many posts with comments or anything that captures your attention and just looks like a bunch of ads, then it may not be the right place for you to start, unless you need some of the services the ad provides.

  • If you see the admin asking questions about your week, or the challenges you face and the status of your projects, this may be a good group to join.

  • Find what groups you are comfortable sharing in, once you join a group and you get a sense that people are automatically judging and just looking for an online argument, feel free to leave. You’re not obligated to stay in any group you feel uncomfortable in. There are plenty of groups that are all about business but also sets a tone for support.

  • Find people that you can connect with

  • Make actual friends

  • Share Ideas with and Get Advice from

  • get mentors

  • share their blog posts, get featured on other members blogs

  • Collaborate on projects

Understand the purpose of why these groups were created in the first place is important because once you understand the group you’re joining and it’s purpose you can determine whether or not its worth your time to post, comment and share content.

Understand What Content You Can Share and What You Cant Share

I learned this the hard way. There are rules to every group but just like most of the important documents I need to read, I usually ignore them. In one group, that had nothing to do with business, I was asking other members to contact me to answer questions. Not only was this spammy, it was completely against the rules of the group. I caught a glimpse of the rules and saw that I made a mistake. Good news, I contacted the organizer of the group and worked out a better method to engage with members.

Bottom line, If you want people to answer your questions (as in completing your survey or determining whether or not they need your product or service) just literally ask the question. Do an either/or question to see what more important to the people i that group. You can also ask if people are suffering from a problem that you solve with your services.

Show Up & Participate in the group

Its ok to be quiet in a group, but one way you can share your voice and what you do is by jumping in. If you’re an expert at a certain topic that another member is struggling with, give free advice and tips on how they can fix that problem. Not only does it feel good morally but also this can lead to a potential customer. Also if you yourself is facing a challenge and you see another member post about it, leave a comment to say “Hey I’m going through that too”. I have done this many times.

Recently, someone posted about a color palette on their website. Personally, I knew that websites and social media accounts need to have a theme to look more cohesive. But I kept using the word theme, so I went with a “family” theme. As soon as I heard palette I did some research, helped me a ton.

Look through the files in the group

If you’re in a good group you can get a lot of freebies in the files. Everything for ebooks to tips on how to get started in your business. Look here.

Key Take-Aways

  • Don’t spread yourself too thin in facebook groups, be selective

  • Share more questions than links, its easier for someone to answer your question than click on your website link

  • Share your knowledge & advice

  • Gather as many free but useful resources as you can

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