• Ehi Aimiuwu

I miss sharing spaces with other startups, thanks to clubhouse, I'm able to do it again.

I used to love going to spaces shared by other entrepreneurs and business owners.

Learning new tools and processes, chatting with other people in the same industry as me and getting feed back on the work I have done so far for my businesses.

I loved all the events from Chi Hack Night, and even the more local events that I found out about through my peers.

Covid took that away. I can't even begin to talk about the damage covid has brought.

Networking got put on pause, survival mode was put into priority until further notice. And I don't blame anyone else who had to also go into survival mode.

Despite the world falling apart in 2020, many small businesses, including myself were able to thrive. Lots of bumpy moments but were still able to get clients and still provide their services to those who need them.

When Clubhouse came along I was intrigued like everyone else. And by the time I joined I had no expectations.

When I joined Business Facebook Groups, I was excited to learn from others, but was bum rushed by scammers.

When I joined LinkedIn, I was intimidated by posting content to an audience who were my coworkers and other people with more credentials and experience as me.

So for Clubhouse, I wanted to hold back.

But the opposite happened, I followed my friends who were immediately active in clubhouse, and before you know it I was pulled into conversations and speaking on my experiences.

Clubhouse restored my "go get it" type of drive that made me start Geek Empowered and Code Burnout. And I strongly advise to do something that brings positive energy back into your work. Jump back into your communities, virtually. Take action on something you put off. Go do great shit!

Until Next Time

- Ehi

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