• Ehi Aimiuwu

I used tools to run my business and it left me broke

I was a tool junkie and I wasn’t making money

When I started my first retail business online I was a hot mess. Tools I used included: • Etsy (where I had to fight a ton of competition) • Tumblr (where I could only add my posts and a contact form) • Flickr (where people could only see my work but couldn’t contact me for my services) • RedBubble (I tried to sell my products and failed with marketing) • Craigslist (was my best tool for marketing my hair braiding services…..10 years ago) • Blogger (my first website that became outdated very quickly) • (was my LinkedIn before LinkedIn) And WordPress. Yes the platform I love and currently using we as once a source of all my stress. I used to hate WordPress. Yep I said it. In the beginning of building my own website I was using it to get my website looking right and the biggest pain I had was trying to find the right template that would work for me. And once I found a template I loved, I couldn’t make my website look like the template. I spent days on 100’s of templates trying to find out where to edit it, then when I found it I couldnt make all the changes I wanted without paying for a upgrade. It was beyond tiring. At the time I ended up going with the platform that was best for what I needed at the time, when my business model was different from what it was now. After spending a ton of money and even more time on my own website eventually I came back to WordPress. WordPress had the simple needs I wanted but also had the capability to do the more complex tasks when I needed them. Also there’s many other benefits to using Wordress that helped me a lot! Going through this experience allowed me to: • Create a more engaging website. • Start my analytics • Boost my SEO and presence on Google • Create more brand awareness • A lot of designer experience on other platforms. What are some things that you’re currently going through that’s costing you a lot of time and stress? What can I do to help? If you’re interested in learning more about your CMS platform and what it can do for you. Start with our free course that goes in depth of the pros and cons of WordPress, SquareSpace and Wix. Ehi

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