• Ehi Aimiuwu

Online Tools that will make your life a little easier

Doing anything all day every day can be exhausting here’s a list that can make your life a lot easier for creating content for your business. QUICKTIME PLAYER. SUPER OLD SCHOOL BUT IT RECORDS YOUR SCREEN. When you are doing tutorials and need to show your audience exactly what you need them to do to get things done. A video is better than taking screenshots. Recording not only allows you to record your actual screen but you can also talk through the actions you are taking. EMBEDDING. FORMS. BUTTONS. VIDEO. EVERYTHING. THE GOOD OL’ COPY AND PASTE. Having code is key to get some things done in the way you like it. And the best way to grab what you need is to embed the content you want to grab and paste it in an HTML or code form on your website. Things that can be embedded includes:

  • Instagram posts

  • youtube videos

  • donation buttons

  • Paypal

  • “Tweet This” links

  • and More

Also if you can’t get the embed code for the content you want to embed there’s a tool for it CLOUD STORAGE. I HAVE WAAAAAAAAY TOO MANY IMAGES AND VIDEOS. WAAAAAY TOO MANY AND IT’S HARD TO LET GO. With this one, you should have cloud storage AND an external hard drive. If you’re a large enterprise Google and Amazon have packages that start ‘as low as’ a few thousand. Starting smaller than that….use their free stuff. UPLOADING FONTS ON SQUARESPACE AND WORDPRESS You can buy fonts places but they are for personal use and not commercial. One place you can buy commercially is at Baby Got Brand. For Squarespace go to the Home menu, click Design Custom CSS. Once there, click the button Manage Custom Files. Then click the Add Images Or Fonts button that slides up. Install your font. BEWARE SVG files will not work use the font URL (This requires knowing a bit of CSS) For WordPress, it’s a bit easier HAVING A STYLE GUIDE FOR YOUR BRAND Canva for work is good with this but you can also create your own. The Style Guide can include:

  • Your Icons, your logo (there are two different things) For example are you going to use brand specific icons for social media sharing or the standard

  • Your fonts

  • Your brand colors

  • Your Social Media Headers

  • Your Slogan

  • Your Story

  • Your Mission

HAVING A PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOL YOU CAN UPDATE AND SET REMINDERS IN. There is SOOOOOOOOO much to catch up on and having a tool that can handle it all. The Two I’m most familiar with are Trello and Asana. That concludes our list of tools if you have any that make your life easier please feel free to share them!

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