• Ehi Aimiuwu

Sell where people can find you

Without a strategic plan in place having a website and all these different tools can turn into pure frustration. There’s a huge chance you will miss out on opportunities because you want everyone to go to your website becauseWilly outputting lot of money and time into it. When this happens you are driving traffic away from where you are to a website where your leads will have to search for what they were looking for. Imagine going into a store, finding a product you like, then get told that in order to get it you need to go home, go online and order it online. Frustrating, right!?!

A website is important to have but it’s not always necessary. Your money is where people come to see you, you Facebook and Instagram lives, your webinars, your emails. Focus your community, the people who love you for you and love hearing you speak on topics and engage with you on a regular basis. More importantly make it super easy for people to spend money on your services. Don’t give people extra steps or extra opportunities to back out of a sale. A lot of my revenue came from my DMs from people who are reminded through my videos that I actually build websites and the purchase happens in my emails when I send invoices. And the value I deliver to my clients are in my videos, blog posts and google drive folders.

However, for my courses, that is when people go through my actual website to sign up, because it’s a digital product. Services are different. For our services our website is a resource hub.

Many sales will not depend on whether or not you have a website but whether or not you can deliver value and they see it when they see your content. The website is part of your system, for client engagement, marketing, brand awareness and sales. One exercise you can do is map out your system. What tool, what content, delivered how often, to a particular audience who will pay through a platform or process and get delivered a service or product with a follow up process.

Your website can be: – a hub of resources, tips and tools that will help solve your clients problems – your portfolio to showcase what you can do – a one stop shop to show clients how they can work with you – a digital products store – and many other things. I won’t list them all here 😂 Where does your website fit in your system? And where do you fit in your system? Your customers are there to work with you. Not to work with your website.

- Ehi

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