• Ehi Aimiuwu

Sometimes, I be doing too much. How to stay focused

I treat my businesses like my babies and sometimes I get a little too excited and try to do everything at once and in the end, finish nothing.

Here's some tips I learned over the years to do better.

One. Stick with one type of organizer you can use on a daily basis, preferably the one you have easy access to all the time. Easy to add tasks to, easy to complete tasks off of.

There's mainly 2.....potentially 3 ways you can stay organized. One with a physical notebook, where you can write everything down. Lots of pros and cons to this one. Some cons; it takes more time to plan, you can lose the notebook or the pen. Two a digital organizer. A free or paid tool that allows you to track everything you need. The cons: making sure it actually reminds you to complete the work, and there are too many tools with too many configurations to get correctly to work with your schedule. Pros: you able to get all the details you need right away instead of searching all over the place for what you need for a task. Three. A person. Get an assistant. A good one is super helpful but also costly.

Two. It costs to waste time. My mentor taught me this but it never sinked in because I felt like my costs wasn't worth a damn. This was a symptom of not charging my worth. Then I charged my worth and realized how important my time is. And I wish I would have had this same level of confidence from the beginning. So this is me calling you out. Your time is important. Yes even right now.

Three. Prioritize. This will be easier if you have a digital organizer. But take the time to prioritize what you need to get done, so you don't forget anything.

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