• Ehi Aimiuwu

Stop using Facebook profile pages for your business, do this instead

Stop creating the “Business Personal Profile” on Facebook and create a real page. Once you’re done setting up here’s a quick checklist to ensure that you’re ready to start sharing your Business Facebook Page.

  1. Your logo. If you have a logo on your website to make sure you use the same branding for your Facebook page.

  2. The description of your business. People are nosey they want to know what you actually do.

  3. Your services. You don’t have to place a price on everything you do but if you can list out the value you provide to your clients. Add them to your Facebook page as services.

  4. Integrations with other tools. With a Facebook business page, you can use chat boxes, sell items, post jobs and more

  5. Content. Add quotes, common questions or behind the scenes content to your pace so it doesn’t look like a complete ghost town. The key is to provide consistent value.

  6. Link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. If you have a business Instagram account share the content you have on Instagram to your Facebook business page.

  7. Add a button to your Facebook page that links to your website, landing page or sales funnel. Create a CTA (Call To Action) on every post (be careful, Facebook tracks when your link spamming so add them to the comments if you need to)

  8. Share or create content that captures your audience’s attention. Marketing is an attention game. Will people forget about you when they scroll past your content?

  9. Involved your audience. Ask questions. Do live videos. Highlight others. If you run out of creative ideas “document over create”

  10. Put your Facebook page on your personal page. There are several ways to accomplish this. Just like how you work for your job, you also work for your business. In your about me section list out that you work for your business and actually tag your business. That way when people add you as a friend they immediately can find your business page. People buy into you before buying into your brand. The second way is to share the content you share on your page onto your personal timeline.

  11. Create a username for your Facebook page so when you comment or create a post about your business you can create a link that takes your audience to your Facebook page.

Need more help with your Facebook Page and the Content you need to add to it… Schedule a Consultation with me!

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