• Ehi Aimiuwu

The Quick Way to Write A Blog Post

Getting your thoughts out there and connect to the reader.

Blogging is awesome but it needs to come with a plan. Blogging without action is a diary. One of the goals of a company’s blog, especially if you are providing services is to inform, help and inspire others to take action. Here are a few tricks you can use to engage with your audiences.

1. Outline the blog to keep it focused on the goal. Literally write a sentence for each paragraph or phase of the piece that you want to address and get across. Literally do the Old school outline with Roman Numerals

2. Address the challenge your readers are facing. The number one way people find a blog they love is by searching for a solution to their problems.

3. Be empathetic, relate and understand that it’s an issue. Come from their perspective, address that they are not alone and have been suffering for too long. Use a story from your experiences that is similar to the problem they are trying to solve for now.

4. Visualize the solution(short term or long term) Use

statistics of what works. Use a solution from your experience.

5. Give details on how they can get to the solution. Give a few methods on how to solve the problem, give information on why that method works.

6. Address the reader to take action now. Use Action Words, words that grasp readers attention. Exp.

Scary * You * Your * Discover * Free

Gamble * Survive * Poor * Eliminate *

Beware * Hazardous * Threat * Elite

Afraid * Taste * Cutting * Edge

Awesome * Incredible * Victim * Trap * Tools

Knowledge * Stronger * Breakthrough * Reveal

Unexpected * Confession * Astonishing

Action Items to Accomplish For You To Get Started on Blogging

❏ Brainstorm a list of problems your target audience faces today

❏ Circle the problems you have found solutions for

❏ Take one problem and do steps above for blog post

❏ Add cohesive images that relate to your blog post.

❏ Create a list of sites you can share your blog post (Facebook groups, Social media pages, Google + Communities, Communities related to your industry)

❏ Start Writing and Sharing!

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