• Ehi Aimiuwu

The truth about building a website instantly.

The 5 minute website. The one hour website. Build your website today. Can this be done…..? Yes. But the truth is you need to prep ahead of time otherwise you’ll change you mind about the small details for hours while building your 5 min website.

Here’s what you need to prep.

You’re branding.

  • This is the one that takes forever if you don't properly do your research or hire a professional. If you’re branding is not solidified you will spend the most of your time finding the right direction for the design and overlook look and feel of your website. Everything from the colors to the fonts and logo will be questioned.

Your tech setup.

  • The domain name and hosting can be problematic when you’re first starting out. Luckily some website builder platforms take you through the step by step to ensure your hosting is setup properly.

  • If you’ve purchased your domain ahead of time you may need to spend some time setting up your hosting in order to make your website live.

Your content and copy.

  • The quick way to get your website live is to have your images and written copy ahead of time. Skipping this step will force you to constantly revise your design and edit your pages.

Your social media pages.

  • Once your website is live you will want to promote it to drive traffic one of the quickest ways to to make sure all your social media is in alignment with your website (correct links on your social media pages and the correct links on your website to your social media) this will save you the hassle of doing it later when you are sharing your website and writing blog posts.

Building a website is easy and can be fairly quick. The best way to get it done correctly and quickly is to plan properly and set goals for what you need out of your website. Understand that there will be stages to your website and will expand and grow overtime. Eliminate as many pain points as you can early on and when you need help reach out to tech support or a web design professional Ehi

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