• Ehi Aimiuwu

This is the year of taking action. Which means people are taking what they have, to do what it takes

DIY CULTURE IS REAL. Sometimes it’s phrased differently, a go-getter, a superwoman, entrepreneur (this can be argued), and other related terms. It’s all the same Why does this matter and what does this mean for those who are selling services to help people build their business. This may mean that finding your target market may be a little more difficult. Or you may determine that is not your target market at all. If you were expecting customers to be lining up at your door for certain services, know that your competitors are making money off of helping DIY-er complete tasks, that you may provide as a service, all by themselves. Example, GeekMomsCo is 1 part resources and opportunities, 1 part building digital media skills and 1 part business essential services. For these services, website design can be included. Squarespace, WIX, and WordPress are tools that some designers use but also those companies, such as hosting and domain sites, including Google Domain and make it ten times easier for an entrepreneur or freelancer to build their own tool without needing a designer or web developer. They can accomplish this for a small fee and with a two or three step process, where the need of someone building their website is eliminated.

This is the case for a ton of industries. Personal Shoppers, Interior decorators, Life Coaches. Being in these industries you can either learn early on that DIY-ers are not your target market or you convince a DIY-er that they need you. SO HOW DO YOU SELL A PRODUCT OR SERVICE TO A DIY CUSTOMER? I’ve seen many different strategies on Facebook everything from telling people that their current state is garbage and that they need a professional to fix it to legit strategies for the ones who have done it themselves.

SO WHAT ARE THOSE LEGIT WAYS? Here are some methods that I’ve witnessed.

  • Giving expert advice when people ask questions about trying things out. They may not want to purchase your complete package of tips and tricks on how to earn $100,000 in a year but you establishing a relationship with your potential customer trust you.

  • Informing your audience that even if they are DIY-ers that they cannot do it all themselves. I will admit, if you haven’t guessed already, I am a DIY-er. I would convince myself that I can do it myself before I hire others to do it for me. For any webinars and courses, I would attempt to learn it on my own or go to Skillshare. For difficult tasks, that required more than one person, I would tackle it on my own. Sooner or later, eventually, I lose track of time. Instead of creating content that I love, I spent most of my time researching. This was the case for marketing. I want to be great at it but it takes time. Those who are at the right level in their business will recognize that it takes a team to get things done.

  • Offer a collaboration. They may not need to hire you for the entire project but may need you for a specialized part of what they are building. Be flexible and compromising but don’t undervalue yourself.

  • Be consistent with communication. Once you start a project, making sure you stay in the communication loop is key. Even if you are not starting a project with them, doing check ups are beneficial for you and the other person. Not only are you giving them a boost to keep going on their journey for getting things done, but it also shows that you care.

This are just a few effective methods, that I’ve seen so far. A lot of the DIY spirit comes from having control over their business or project. For myself, at the end of the day, GeekMomsCo is my 6th baby, after the ones I actually gave birth to. Hiring someone that will alter the direction of the way I do business takes a ton of trust and compromise. How do you tackle on DIY-ers? Are they a part of your target market? How do you give your customers more control over what they are creating? How do you conquer the reluctance from DIY-er who feel that they can do what you do by themselves? Let’s have a conversation. -Eh

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