• Ehi Aimiuwu

This recent epidemic threatening your business and income, here's a few things you can try to help

As I was going through Facebook and my Twitter feed I saw that a lot of people were stressing about getting supplies for their house, what to do with your kids if school shut down, and also how small local businesses in our neighborhood survive when the community is in a position where we all have to stay indoors as much as possible.

Local businesses are shutting down super fast thanks to the Coronavirus. I came up with a really quick list to help other small businesses make income during this very difficult time. Gift cards and reservations for future use.

Consultations for people who want to do what you do and One on One sessions to help those with their individual needs.

Teach an online class. Prerecorded or live. Need help setting up your class. Schedule a one on one session with me.

Sell digital products. Videos. PDF one pagers. Ebooks. Kids love videos where other kids play with toys or play games they like. The Six Figure Chick has a free list of digital products you can create.

Start a blog use affiliate links for items you use or tools you use. Auntee Rik has a great program for web designers on how to make more money but it also works for those not in the design field.

Promote other businesses on your social media channels. Don’t wait for big brands to contact you. Connect with other small businesses and sell them a package for promoting their brand.

Sell story swipe up. Have a large audience? Offer spots on your ig stories. $25 a spot or more! Don’t know how swipe up works. Did you tell other businesses that you will add their flyer to your IG story for a set price and if you have a certain amount of followers the story can swipe up to the business owners website.

Use other online or offline channels. Start a podcast on Anchor. Record sponsored segments. Get paid right away using stripe.

Stuck on a task or need help thinking of ideas on how to help generate income for your business feel free to email me or go to and hit me up in my chat bot.

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