• Ehi Aimiuwu

We're in the middle of a pandemic and it's ok to use Canva

When I first started designing websites, I had experiences doing vector design in Sketch (A design tool on IOS systems), I never used photoshop but there was one tool I was afraid to mention that I used. And that tool was Canva.

I was flat out ashamed to use Canva.

Why? Because I felt like I was cheating.

Here I am someone who makes logos and graphics using a tool that has preset designs and graphics.

I started to warm up to Canva, used it for myself and for clients but I would work on it for hours to try to look as different as I can from everyone else who was using the tool. But even if no one else knew. . . I knew.

For those who do not know what canva is . . . in 2021. Canva is a graphic design tool that makes the process of making graphics for social media, business cards and more easier. They had most of what you need to create really nice graphics that can align with your branding. They are also growing and adding new features. Viewing Canva can be overwhelming at first so let’s cover a few basics when you first get started. 1. Sync Canva with your branding. Add your logo, your color palette, font and images. If you have customized icons, videos and more ADD THEM HERE!

2. Think collection not individual posts. When editing instead of searching for several pieces that would work together, get as much as you can from one piece. Also canva shares templates that have more than one image in them. 3. Create a dedicated template for your different types of content. For quotes use one type of graphic from canva, for videos use another type of graphic from canva. Have a dedicated template from canva for every series of content you share. Tip of the Day has one look, reviews has another look. What takes the most time on canva is looking for a new graphic that looks right for your brand. Take note of what you like and save it Extra things I love about canva:

The background eraser, OMG thank you. I did this BY HAND, erasing pixel by pixel. WHY? because all the background eraser apps suck! And I always make up for it by blurring the edges. Ugh

The "Stickers" these where nice and the collection is forever growing

The customizable animated fonts.

And so much more, it feels like new tools and features come out once a month, so keep your eye out on them

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