• Ehi Aimiuwu

What do you make space for?

I read a post on LinkedIn, from one of my favorite people and mentors, Sandee Kastrul. It was a lovely piece about leadership and how people who are ready to make a difference are a bit weird. It’s a very interesting piece to read.

“What makes us weird is that we all come from different places and we all want to change something or do something or make something or allow something to be seen. None of us were ok with the way things were. Normal is not enough. So, we are all weird. Then we come to i.c.stars and there is an army of weirdos and we have to work together, to make apps, to address issues in the community, to define what we stand for and to solicit others to stand with us. And we put up with each other. We put the weirdness aside, and when we do that, we realize that we are stronger together, and when a lot of weirdos come together, really amazing things happen. And you did that, Sandee. You created a place for weirdos to come together.” -Sandee Kastrul

It ended with the question “Leaders, what do you make space for?”

At first, I wanted to say “Well, everybody”.

But I realized that the answer I was going to give was false. Do you want to make space for hate? Oppression? Murderers? What do I truly mean by everybody?

Really what I want to say is, I want to make space for those who gave up.

Those who are trying right now will make a path for themselves, they will create the opportunities that were not given to them. I want to make room for those who gave up because I have been there.

For the mom who gave up, because she’s constantly struggling. For the brother who had been hit, time after time with brick walls, so he stopped moving forward. The person who says “Why bother”… I am making space for you. I am here for you. Give me time to scoot some folks over and make that room, be ready.

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