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When your taxes hit. . . and you're ready to support your business

Everyone knows what season it is because we are all pretty much waiting on the same thing. Our tax refunds. For those of us who are getting overtime it in a opportune moment for us to finally catch up on our bills and buy some extra things that we wanted for ourselves and loved ones.

This is perfectly normal. No judgement here. But you may have seen all the Facebook memes of people getting their taxes.

If you fall into the category where you are starting a business or you already started your business then this is the perfect opportunity to invest in your business so you can generate revenue that equals your tax refund on a monthly basis.

Here are some key things to look into.

Your outreach

This was a big problem for me in the beginning. I started website but had no clue who needed it. So when I promoted my work online it felt like I was yelling at friends and family, who could care less about what I did in my “spare time”.

I started off reaching out to a lot of Facebook groups. Jumping on the “I need a website” posts, until I got really tired of building $50 websites. Then I went to LinkedIn. And started posting my day to day work. Eventually people recognized that I was the website lady. More specifically the “Geek Mom” lady. And my outreach grew from there.

There are better ways to grow your audience. By using more platforms like twitter and LinkedIn more often. For retail businesses, Pinterest is a really good platform. You can also create more content that people will share to their networks. You can also network with people in person, which helped me get some of my bigger clients as I get Geek Empowered.

Engaging online can be a trial and error process but here are some resources to help get the ball rolling.

LinkedIn Experts:

Kristine Nesslar from Nesslar Associates: Webinar on the LinkedIn Profile Update

Deborrah Ashley: LinkedIn Expert

Instagram Engagement:

Six Figure Chick: Instagram Profile | Her Website

Where is your client engaging with you the most?

When you’re on a Facebook live? When your on LinkedIn?

Where do you get the most comments, like shares and even more important clicks?

The sales process is just that an actual process you have to create content to build a relationship with potential customers and ease them into your sales funnel to generate actual sales. Find out where people are dropping off in that process and fix it.

Are people dropping off while watching your content? If so let’s change up the content.

Are they dropping off after your done and no one is doing your call to action. Let’s flip the script, change things up to make people want to click.

Are they getting to the website only to turn around and leave the website? Then let’s change it up so they will stay on your site and purchase your products or services.

Here’s a few resources that can help:

Smart Get’s Paid: Website

Geek Empowered: Dead Websites | One on One Virtual Session

Another key factor to look into is how you operate your business.

Are you doing more busy work than productive work?

How is your customers experience of working with you? Are you communicating often? Are you fulfilling their needs?

Do you have a automated process to capture what’s working and what isn’t working? For example a lot people hated filling out surveys. No matter what I did they hated it. When I started research for small businesses solutions that I could offer. When people wanted to assess their online presence. Even when we started working together and I needed my clients to fill out a branding survey. They hated it. So I had to switch to more over the phone consultations where I just asked more questions.

The final piece that business owners should consider is their retention.

Repeat customers.

Even for a web design business. I’m proud to say 1/3rd of my clients are repeat customers. Some start off of big projects and ask for smaller work in the future. Others started off with smaller work and came back for big projects.

How are you continuing to solidify your relationships with your customers. Are you thanking them. (Literally as I wrote this post I ran to Canva to write a thank you card for my clients)

Are you keeping up with their journeys, their wins and their struggles. How are you ensuring that your customers will always be your customers?

These few methods will help you find the gaps in your business, so if you increase revenue, launch new services or products you will have a pretty solid foundation and formula that will attract customers, make sales and keep customers!

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