• Ehi Aimiuwu

Why we fear collaboration

Today’s lesson for #100daysofvalue is on collaboration. Which is one of my most favorite parts of running a business. I have made so many new connections, clients and friends. But I will admit in the beginning I was scared to connect with anyone about my business.

I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t getting any high paying clients…well any clients.

I felt like I wasn’t working on a business that was making any real difference in the world.

I felt that people were going to just listen to see what they can get what they needed from me.

There were a ton of fears that I was convinced would happen if I shared any details of my business and I suffered from it. I couldn’t get the help I needed to grow if I kept my mouth shut. And I couldn’t have gotten the boost of confidence I needed to keep going. I wouldn’t have met all the great people I was able to connect with and make friends.

I overcame my fears of collaboration but why do other people fear collaboration?

Some common reasons people are fearing collaboration are:


Fear that someone will steal their idea. For most people they want to protect themselves with an NDA, Nondisclosure Agreement. Which sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Bringing up an NDA super early can create awkward situations, where some people may go along with it and sign it, others may avoid signing it all together. By all means if you feel the need to protect yourself and your ideas do so. But also your business will not flourish without your experiences and you being authentically you. Share with everyone who’s willing to listen, you don’t want to miss out on something big because you chose to stay quiet.

They fear others will think it’s stupid: (i fell into this category)

People are going to share their opinions, it’s inevitable…

There are two things you can do to get past this problem especially if you just started.

One is to remove your attachment to the solution aka your business and how it works. You job as an entrepreneur is to not stand behind the solution you have built, it is to stand behind the problem you are solving.

Focus on the problem and understand that you solution may changed based off of what people need, your target demographic or any factor that may come up while your product or service is out in the market.

Two is own your mission and vision. The vision comes purely from you. know what your fighting for and own it. Nothing else will matter.

Collaborating with others forces you to lose control:

Our businesses are our babies so it’s hard to take on change, but being an entrepreneur means dealing with change ALL THE TIME! Change encourages the opportunity to grow and do better as a business and to serve your customers and clients.

There are horror stories of people getting voted off, bought off by co-founders and other things. But what’s worse is letting your business run to the ground because you believe you’re always right and must do things your way… it’s not worth it.

Here’s my latest video on the topic.

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